Blackbox - the Performance

Blackbox is an interdisciplinary proposition, which combines performative, audiovisual and media art with new technologies in both the format of an interactive installation and a live-performance.

At least since our generation we grow up with a natural understanding for the world of new media. We use them daily and sometimes can`t even imagine how one could manage without mobile phones or e-mail. Aside form the endless possibilities and advantages that these media have opened up for us, we also think that nowadays every time we are confronted more with a certain oversaturation. We make use of common platforms like Facebook or myspace to make new “friends”, who have similar interests . Our profile defines who and how we are and “facilitates” the search for social contacts. We find everything on the internet, starting from work groups over peers to live partners and we sometimes spend more time updating our profile and designing it attractively than we spend on reflecting, cultivating and expanding our qualities and abilities in everyday moments and experiences.

Blackbox deals with the topic of the virtual space as a misinterpreted place of intimacy and of personal encounters and puts this face to face with the immediate experience of direct human and personal exchange. In the end these profoundly human moments can and should not be replaced because they give us the possibility to overcome the lack of feeling integrated in the family, a group or society in general.

- The guinea pig collective

Idea / concept / creation: Iris Heitzinger, Dietmar Suoch, Christine Hinterkörner
Performance: Iris Heitzinger
Dramaturgy / choreography: Iris Heitzinger
Technical direction / realization: Dietmar Suoch
Musical direction / composition / voice: Christine Hinterkörner

Year of production: 2010 © the guinea pig collective

During the creation of the performance Blackbox our collective had artistic residencies in La Caldera - centre de creació de dansa i arts escèniques contemporànies / Barcelona and in Nau Coclea - contemporary creation centre / Camallera, Girona.
The performance is produced in collaboration with ARGEkultur.


Performance within the festival Tanz Kosmos 2011.
WHEN: 26. November 2011, 07.30 pm
WHERE: Kosmos Theater, Vienna / AT

Performance within the festival monográfico imagen y cuerpo.
WHEN: 18. November 2011, 09.00 pm
WHERE: Teatre Alhóndiga, Bilbao / ES

Performance within the festival La Caldera Grec '10.
WHEN: 09. & 10. July 2010, 08.00 pm
WHERE: La Caldera, C/ Torrent d'en Vidalet 43, 08012 Barcelona / ES

Performance in Teatre l'Atlàntida de Vic.
WHEN: 19. June 2010, 08.00 pm
WHERE: L'Atlàntida, Sala 2 Joaquim Maideu, C/ Francesc Maria Masferrer 4, 08500 Vic / ES

Performance within the festival Dansa Ara.
WHEN: 16. June 2010, 08.30 pm
WHERE: La Pedrera, Sala Gaudí, Passeig de Gràcia 92, Barcelona / ES

Premiere of the Performance Blackbox within the festival Basics - produced in collaboration with ARGEkultur.
WHEN: 18. & 19. March 2010; 08.00 pm
WHERE: ARGEkultur, Josef-Preis-Allee 16, 5020 Salzburg / AT

Open rehearsal within the residency in La Caldera.
WHEN: 05. February 2010, 07.00 pm
WHERE: La Caldera, C/ Torrent d'en Vidalet 43, 08012 Barcelona / ES


Premiere of the performance Blackbox in March 2010 during the festival Basics in the ARGEkultur Salzburg:

Blackbox - the performance - trailer from didito on Vimeo.

Supported by

Kultur Land Salzburg HYPO Oberösterreich tanz_house
ARGE Kultur Salzburg Basics Festival 2010
La Caldera Nau Coclea
Institut Ramon Llul

Thanks to

Cornelia Anhaus
Editta Braun
Clara Garí
Ingrid Weichselbaumer
Hans Schobersberger
Ingo Randolf
the openFrameworks, Arduino, Processing, OpenGL, SFML and Mac communities!
Monika, Alexander and Volker Suoch
Christine and Gerhard Heitzinger


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