The collective

In the formation the guinea pig collective three artists from different fields come together: Dietmar Suoch – creative engineer, Christine Hinterkörner - singer/composer and Iris Heitzinger – dancer/performance artist. They are brought together by the interest to create a discourse, which deepens the understanding of each artist’s own craft as well as one, which offers an intense preoccupation and involvement with the craft of the others, therefore, creating an interdisciplinary language.

Who is who

Dietmar Suoch
born 1979 in Oberndorf/AT; Studies at the FH - Hagenberg/AT, Institute for Media Technology and Design; Graduation 2003 as "Dipl.-Ing- (FH)". Ever since the completion of his studies Dietmar has collaborated with different artists, institutions and companies such as: Ars Electronica Futurelab (Linz/AT), NVISION Studio (part of the Interactive Institute/SE) and Utani Social Lab (Barcelona/ES). Dietmar currently lives in Barcelona where he keeps pursuing his own process in various challenging projects. His focus lies on the fusion of technology of new media with creativity in artistic processes.

Christine Hinterkörner aka CEE
born 1974 in Freistadt/AT; Studies at Anton Bruckner Private Universitiy Linz; Voice (Jazz and Pop); Graduation 2006 "Bachelor of Arts". From 2004 to 2007 Cee collaborates with various bandformations and teaches along side her studies in various schools finally founding her own private music school, the "musicCentre Reinhart". In the summer of 2007 Cee moves to Barcelona to work with the dance company Sol Picó as Djane, Singer, composer and actrice. The following pieces are conceived in collaboration with her: "Las Doñas" (Sabadell, Barco Naumon Barcelona), "La Maja De Goya" (Madrid), "Rock´n Roll Improvisation" ("Come and See" - TNC Teatre Nacional Barcelona), "Sirena a la Plancha" (Expo 2008 Zaragoza, Canarian Islands, Loja, Sabadell, Sotteville/France). Also in 2007 Cee`s solo performance with dummies “Cee Mari Posa and her Fantastico Plastico Banda” is created and premiers in Austria. Currently Cee lives in Linz/AT and works on her studio album which will be released in spring 2010.
Awards: "El Premio Max de les Arts Escéniques" España 2009 and "Dance Theater Prize - Pula" for the Performance "Sirena a la plancha"; "Grualuv" Musikvideo presentation in Portugal at the "Audio Visual Black and White Festival" 2009.

Iris Heitzinger aka Miss Luiss Twisted
born 1980 in Linz/AT; Studies at Anton Bruckner Private Universitiy Linz; Institute for Dance Arts (IDA); Graduation 2005 "Bachelor of the Arts - contemporary stage performance". In 2001 Iris becomes a founder member of the postgraduate company x.IDA to which she later returns as a choreographic assistant. In the season of 2002/2003 she is given a scholarship by the Austrian Ministry of Culture which allows her to continue her studies in England, Holland Belgium and Finland. In 2005 she graduates with the Bachelor of Arts. Since then she has been collaborating as a freelance dancer with artists such as Jeremy Wade (USA), Ted Stoffer (BE, USA), Vincent Dance Theatre (UK), H2Dance (SE, NO), Cie. Willi Dorner (AT), Cie. Laroque (AT) or Cia. Lanònima Imperial (ES). Besides her work as a performer Iris has been teaching contemporary dance, improvisation and partnering workshops in Austria, Poland, Canada, the UK, Spain and Japan. In January 2007 Iris founds the platform Miss Luiss Twisted which serves as a base for creating her own work. She makes the duo „AnDando con Zapatos“ for the festival Lapsus+/Barcelona in April 2007. Her last production is the solo „Lo Que Es“ which premiered on the 7th of February 2008 at the theatre Sala Trono in Tarragona/Spain and is still touring. Iris currently lives in Barcelona and - apart from continuing her own creative process - is a member of the Cia. Bebeto Cidra.


* June / July 2010 - we have some gigs in and around Barcelona - go check the Events section!

* March 2010 - we finally had the premiere of our performance Blackbox. It was great and we are really proud of us. So now we are trying to distribute our project. In the meanwhile checkout our brandnew trailer:

Blackbox - the performance - trailer from didito on Vimeo.

* February 2010 - we had another great artistic residency in Nau Coclea - contemporary creation centre / Camallera, Girona / ES. Thanks to Clara & the Montses!

* January 2010 - we were working on the creation of the performance Blackbox as artists in residence in La Caldera - centre de creació de dansa i arts escèniques contemporànies in Barcelona / ES.

* November 2009 - our installation Blackbox was successfully shown together with the project "Move" by the collective 1n0ut during the tanz_house Herbst 2009 festival in the ARGEkultur Salzburg. Here is a video from the event:

Blackbox - the installation - first showing from didito on Vimeo.

* July 2009 - The performance Blackbox will be supported and hosted by the festival Basics 2010, being produced in collaboration with ARGEkultur Salzburg / AT.

* June 2009 - the guinea pig collective was honored with the Podium09 award of the county of Salzburg for their Installation project Blackbox.

The jury's statement:
"In the interdisciplinary Project Blackbox the artists formation "the guinea pig collective" critically looks at multimediality. In an interactive installation, which combines performance arts with audiovisual art and new media technology, modern mechanisms of communication are interpreted and questioned. The central focus lies hereby on the question of intimacy in virtual spaces. The project combines theoretical processing and the artistic realization in a direct realationship to each other, which convinced the jury just as much as the topicality of the theme and the interactive and interdisciplinary approach."


* BlackBox – the Installation
* BlackBox – the Performance


Performance within the festival La Caldera Grec '10.
WHEN: 09. & 10. July 2010, 08.00 pm
WHERE: La Caldera, C/ Torrent d'en Vidalet 43, 08012 Barcelona / ES

Performance in Teatre l'Atlàntida de Vic.
WHEN: 19. June 2010, 08.00 pm
WHERE: L'Atlàntida, Sala 2 Joaquim Maideu, C/ Francesc Maria Masferrer 4, 08500 Vic / ES

Performance within the festival Dansa Ara.
WHEN: 16. June 2010, 08.30 pm
WHERE: La Pedrera, Sala Gaudí, Passeig de Gràcia 92, Barcelona / ES

Premiere of the Performance Blackbox within the festival Basics - produced in collaboration with ARGEkultur.
WHEN: 18. & 19. March 2010, 08.00 pm
WHERE: ARGE Kultur, Josef-Preis-Allee 16, 5020 Salzburg / AT

Open rehearsal within the residency in La Caldera.
WHEN: 05. February 2010, 07.00 pm
WHERE: La Caldera, C/ Torrent d'en Vidalet 43, 08012 Barcelona / ES

Showing of the Installation Blackbox during the tanz_house Herbst 2009 festival.
WHEN: 07. & 08. November 2009, official presentation at 08.30 pm, opened from 05.00 pm to 09.00 pm
WHERE: ARGEkultur, tanz_house studio (Erdgeschoß), Josef-Preis-Allee 16, 5020 Salzburg / AT



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